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    I'm Erwan Guillou, I'm 31, I live in Quimper in Brittany. Since 2002 I am immersed into the breton cultural background which I discovered little by little when I began learning traditionnal dances of Brittany.

    At the end of 2004, I joined the Cercle Celtique Danserien Kemper (Celtic Circle “Danserien Kemper” being ranked second in War'l leur Confederation). I am a dancer, choreographer, webmaster and committee member of the association.

    One of my passions is photography. It goes back to my childhood. My favorite themes are landscapes, architecture, dance performances, concerts, festoù-noz ...

    Curious, I've been testing other styles of photography. I've been gradually discovering portraits, macrophotography, light painting, HDR imaging ...

    Since the end of 2005, I've been doing illustrated reports about the festivities in Brittany (Festival de Cornouaille, Festival Interceltique de Lorient, fêtes des Brodeuses, fêtes des Filets Bleus, festival Yaouank, semaine du golfe du Morbihan, Kement Tu, Dañs…) for An Tour Tan, the website of the breton diaspora worldwide.

    After numerous and enriching meetings in breton cultural background, I participated between September 2009 and March 2010 a long-term training to Stumdi (a training center) in Landerneau in order to learn breton language, to exchange with other breton speakers and to work using breton language.

I hope that through this gallery I will be able to share my passion for photography and Brittany.

Have a good time !

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